Transition Class



Our Preschool Program, for fully potty trained children, emphasizes independence through table work and various activities. We integrate music, art, movement, creativity, and exploration to foster a love of learning. Preparing for kindergarten is a key focus, with activities supporting social-emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills, crafts, and handwriting. Our program offers modified activities to cater to individual abilities, ensuring each child thrives in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Our Transition Program, for ages 2.5 to fully potty trained, supports children as they develop independence and prepare for preschool. We assist with potty training and foster self-reliance. The program includes music, art, movement, and creative activities to encourage exploration and growth. We provide social-emotional support and focus on fine and gross motor skills through independent play. Our nurturing environment helps children build confidence and readiness for the next stage in their education.

Georgetown Spanish Academy






Our school is open Monday- Friday 8am-6pm

we also follow Georgetown ISD for closures and holidays though we are open throughout the summer.

Our Infant Program, for ages 6 weeks to 18 months, offers a loving and warm environment. We follow individualized feeding schedules and provide diverse sensory opportunities to stimulate growth. Music is integral, with soothing lullabies and playful songs. Consistent routines ensure security, while creative play and exploration encourage development. Our dedicated caregivers ensure each infant feels safe and nurtured as they grow and discover their world.

Our Toddler Program, for ages 18 months to 2.5 years, offers a loving and warm environment. We provide rich sensory opportunities, engaging music activities, and consistent routines to foster security. Creative play and exploration are encouraged to stimulate growth, and our program supports toddlers in learning to be independent. Our dedicated caregivers ensure each child feels safe and nurtured as they develop and discover their world.

Patricia Varela van Swelm


512-635-0757 (business phone)

512-316-6785 (personal cell)